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TCM treatment for vaginitis

TCM treatment for vaginitis


-----Ma Kuang Healthcare Group Physician Gao Chun Hong


Risk factors include hot weather and weak immunity

The most common kinds of vaginitis are trichomoniasis, vaginal candidiasis, and senile vaginitis. Rick factors include hot weather, poor hygiene, non-ventilating clothing, and weak immunity. From a TCM perspective, vaginitis occurs when opportunistic microorganisms are not properly suppressed by the immune system.

Regardless of the type of vaginitis, symptoms include vaginal itching, irritation and discharge. It is discussed under the “leucorrhea” category in TCM system.


Treatments are determined by TCM differential diagnosis

Typically, oral medications are prescribed according to the symptoms.

  1.       Weak constitution and immunity:

Signs and symptoms: clear, thin and odorless vaginal discharge, fatigue, loss of appetite, loose stool.

Treatment: Boost immunity by strengthening the spleen system and increasing Yang Qi.

Prescription: Wan Dai Tang (decoction for morbid leucorrhea)


  1.       Yin deficiency, commonly seen in elderly:

Signs and symptoms: minimal discharge, vaginal dryness, itching or burning sensation, backache, tinnitus, hot flashes, insomnia and excessive dreaming.

Treatment: Strengthen the kidney system, increase Yin Qi and reduce inflammation.

Prescription: ZhiBo DiHuang Wan with gorgon fruit and Cherokee rose


  1.       Inflammatory dominant type:

Signs and symptoms: heavy, thick, yellow discharge with foul odor, vaginal itching, irritable, indigestion.

Treatment: reduce inflammation

Prescription: Modified Zhi Dai Fang or LongDan XieGan Tang


Home care and prevention

Obviously, home care and prevention are just as important. Regular exercise, sufficient sleep, strong immunity, a well-balanced diet and good personal hygiene are all important preventative measures. Cotton underwear is preferred. Avoid using pads on a regular basis. Make sure to shower immediately after a work out. Wash undergarments separately and dry them under the sun. Avoid intercourse until complete resolution.


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