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Depression and Physical Illness

Depression and Physical Illness

                                                                                                                                            ——Ma Kauang senior physician Shen Kai Na


Most people look for only symptomatic relief when sick. Stopgap measure overlooks the underlying factors for disease, including stress and mental health. Clinical cases of menstrual disorder, insomnia, migraine and gastritis are often accompanied by underlying emotional factor—depression. If not address appropriately, the physical illness can worsen depression. It eventually becomes a vicious cycle.


TCM believes that when mental health is compromised, uncontrolled emotion disturbs normal energy flow, and ultimately leads to physical pain and discomfort. It’s like pouring concrete over a tree to inhibit its growth. These patients exhibit signs of physical and mental imbalances.


TCM treatment targets causative factors in disease. If underlying cause of an illness is emotional, treatment plan is designed to manage symptoms, as well as to address the emotional aspect of illness. Usually, treatment starts with improving liver function. Some of the commonly used formulas are XiaoYao San, TianWang BuXin Dan, GuiPi Tang, BanXia HouPu Tang, GanMai Da Zao Tang, SuanZaoRen Tang. These formulas are liver soothing and stress relieving. In fact, with correct differential diagnosis, TCM treatment has demonstrated outstanding effectiveness in treating physical and mental disorders, all without unwanted side effect.