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Ma Kuang

Ma Kuang Healthcare Group Pte Ltd, one of the leading healthcare groups in holistic Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) products and services was founded by our CEO, Mr. Huang Chuan Sheng in 1999. Since then, Ma Kuang has expanded rapidly from its first TCM clinic in Middle Road and presently owns the largest chain of TCM clinics with a network of 20 clinics island wide in Singapore and 10 clinics in Malaysia offering professional one-stop TCM medical and wellness healthcare services and products to the general public.

Ma Kuang strives to share the philosophy of TCM as universally as possible, while modernizing traditional medicine practices to debunk various medical myths. We also remains focused on helping people, saving lives, contributing to the healthcare scene and more importantly increasing the quality of life.

Ma Kuang aims to lead the TCM industry in its development into a world-class healthcare system, widely accepted and trusted by the medical fraternity. Intend to modernize the TCM business and introduce this concept to the industry at large. We believe that 2000 years of medical history in China, combined with the breakthrough technology, should provide us with a strong foundation and drive our business to new heights.

There is every reason why TCM has been used so extensively by 1.3 billion Chinese for the past centuries. Backed with a history of more than 2000 years, the TCM approach to better health and treatments has been proven through its propensity to treat many diseases as effectively as Western medicine does.

Through the years of consistent quality and caring services, Ma Kuang has dispelled many myths and misconception that surround TCM and has since built brand equity in being creditable, dependable, reliable, forward-looking and high standards.

Today, Ma Kuang has evolved into a household name, offering reliable and high quality one-stop medical and healthcare services to the general public throughout its vast network of clinics and established itself as one of the leading Traditional Chinese Medicine Healthcare providers in the industry.

We were awarded with Singapore Promising Brand Award consecutively for 3 years from 2004 to 2006 and achieved Superbrand Status 2004/2005. In addition, Ma Kuang Singapore was listed among the Enterprise 50 list of the 50 most enterprising privately held companies in Singapore in year2004 to 2006.