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TCM Fertility Treatments for Females

TCM Fertility Treatments for Females


More and more people seek TCM treatment for infertility. Coming from a TCM perspective, female infertility is associated with three types of body constitution—“deficiency”, ”stasis”, and “phlegm”.

  2. Managing “deficiency” body type

In Singapore, overworking is extremely common among women in the workforce, leading to “kidney, Qi and blood insufficiency”. Common presentations are pale complexion, pale fingernail beds, palpitation, and insomnia. The use of culinary medicine, such as BaZhen Tang prepared with meat, for 3-5 days following menstrual periods is recommended. Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture management can also significantly improve symptoms, ovulations, and sleep.


  1. Managing “stasis” body type

The “stasis” body type can be further divided into two categories—cold natured and warm natured. “cold natured blood stasis” is often caused by excessive cold drinks and raw foods. It typically presents as thicker menstrual flow with clots and darker colors, accompanied by severe dysmenorrhea. Hot packs may provide some relief. “Warm natured blood stasis” affects women with excessive emotional stress. It presents as mood swings before period, fertility problems, breast tenderness before period.


  1. Managing “fluid retention” body type

Westernized diets in Singapore often comprises of excessive deep fried animal proteins and cold drinks. These are the very things contributing to “splenic fluid retention” and “phlegm”. Polycystic ovarian syndrome belongs to this category. Clinically, TCM has had great success with managing polycystic ovarian syndrome. Appropriate treatments not only correct the “fluid retention” body constitution, but also resolve infertility.