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Acupuncture for Stroke


Acupuncture for Stroke

                                                            ——Physician Wee Poo Jong


Stroke, or hemorrhage, occurs when there is obstruction or rupture of the blood vessel supplying brain tissue. The prevalence rate of stroke is increasing in recent years and so for its rate of causing disability and death. Yet, the chance of recovery is low. Therefore once identified, medical attention is needed immediately. The earlier the intervention, the faster the recovery process is.


TCM treatment in stroke is unique as treatment is given differently based on the syndrome and severity of the stroke. Currently, the most common and effective TCM treatment for stroke is acupuncture. Treatment is recommended to be carry out within the first 6 months from the onset of stroke as this greatly affects the recovery process for paralysis, numbness and speech disability.


For stroke caused by bleeding in the brain, it is best to start acupuncture after 2 weeks from the attack. Studies had shown that acupuncture aids in opening up blood vessels for better flow and decreasing clotting and inflammation. The effects are desired early when arteries are blocked, but if a stroke is caused by bleeding, it is safer to wait until the bleeding has stopped and is unlikely to bleed further before providing the acupuncture. Acupuncture works by stimulating brain cell and thus improving the coordination between the brain, body and limbs. Together with physiotherapy and home exercise, the regain of muscle strength and balance function of the limbs can be easily achieved. 


In order to achieve the best result, a combination of other TCM therapies such as Tuina therapy and Chinese medicines is recommended. Intensive treatment and exercise accelerate the recovery process. Start the treatment as early as you can before the symptoms become irreversible.

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